Case Studies

Please see below for a detailed portfolio of recently completed case studies.

Bus Interchange Totems

Jan, 2018

Trueform’s experienced digital and engineering team worked closely on the design development of the innovative structure and the subsequent manufacture and full on-site installation and erection.

Features of the new totem include:-

  • High quality architecturally detailed product design
  • 2 of 42’’ TFT, anti-reflective (sunlight readable) screens
  • Wifi and 3G
  • 2 of rear illuminated mapping glass panels

Ultra Wide TFT Displays

Jan, 2018

Our 28” Ultra Wide TFT Displays are an essential bus stop feature, displaying information clearly and conveniently for waiting passengers. Equipped with the latest generation of TFT-LCD panels with a 1000 cd/m2 brightness, the screen boasts a 1920 x 357 ultra wide aspect ratio of 16:3. With a sunlight readable energy efficient display, the information is displayed day and night.

The small form factor allows for installation within most shelters and even to third party bus stops with an optional adaptor bracket. With remote monitoring the information can be changed simply, and the unit will can be environmentally controlled and provide diagnostic information.

Centro Interchange Totems

Jan, 2018

Bespoke intelligent bus stop design installed throughout the City of Birmingham for Centro. Featuring latest innovation in electronic RTI passenger information display hardware, digital printed LED back illuminated wayfinding mapping and highly contemporary aesthetics.

Production design, product and electrical engineering, testing, manufacture, installation and commissioning by Trueform

E-ink Bus Stop displays

Jan, 2018

Trueform use E-Ink technology, which uses reflected light, as opposed to emitted light. This means that anything displayed on a Trueform Display works in any lighting condition which means no matter what the weather, you’ll be able to read information on a Trueform display as well as you would be able to read information on paper. And when it gets dark, low-power LED edge lighting will ensure that information will be easily displayed in the later hours too.

The displays are also almost 1/3rd lighter than current LCD displays, meaning that installation is possible in a wide variety of locations, including in direct sunlight.

Trueform E-displays are also durable and reliable. With built-in environmental robustness, Trueform E-displays are protected from moisture, UV rays and are flame resistant.

Trueform E-displays are over 36 times more energy efficient than a similar sized LCD screen. This means that the amount of power used in an LCD display for 20 hours would last 720 hours in a Trueform E-Display. The benefits of this are a huge reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Caledonian Sleeper Interactive Totems

Mar, 2018

Trueform have developed a fully interactive 46” TFT totem for the Caledonian Sleeper rail franchise with a totem to be installed at each of 48 rail stations that the sleeper train stops at. From initial design concept through to on site commissioning and full 24/7 maintenance Trueform supported all of the emerging needs of the project. We provided a full service remote diagnostics and management solution as part of our maintenance commitment. A Content Management System was selected and implemented across the installed base of totems providing real-time train information and general customer support content, ensuring that the system was accessible to all users. With a fully interactive 46” touchscreen, video chat, audio induction loop and wifi hotspot features the totem allowed people at remote rail stops to communicate and interact with staff at the Inverness HQ and obtain useful information about their current and end destinations.

Freestanding Outdoor 6 Sheet Displays

Mar, 2018

Trueform’s freestanding outdoor digital 6 sheet digital displays provide the perfect solution to outdoor advertisement and information problems. We proudly present the latest in display technology, the Fuzion D6.

Our outdoor freestanding digital screens have been designed for outdoor practicality with a robust housing that ensures there is protection for the screen from the elements. The secure frame means that there is little maintenance needed to upkeep our digital totem, saving time and money.

To ensure years of trouble-free performance in outdoor environments, the Fuzion D6 has been designed to operate all day, every day in ambient temperatures of up to 50 C / 122 F.

For added design and personalisation the Fuzion D6 comes in a range of architecturally designed housings to suit any environment and work well with other displays and roadside furniture in the vicinity.

The Fuzion D6 comes in large TFT display sizes of 75” and 86” for a stunning, eye-catching interactive display that captures the imagination of viewers and provides a blank digital canvas for limitless opportunities.

Westfield Shopping Centre Digital Totems

Jan, 2018

Westfield London Awards Major Digital Interactive Advertising Display Contract to Trueform.

Trueform is to deploy over 170 interactive digital advertising display screens & pods throughout Westfield’s flagship London shopping centre at White City.

Comprising a range of 49”, 55” and 75” digital displays in ironically designed pod housings, the new digital displays will form an important part of Westfield’s £600 million retail expansion that is to be launched in March 2018. The extension will consolidate Westfield London’s position as a world-leading retail and entertainment destination, featuring the best in fashion, dining, leisure, events, services and technology with the customer experience at the heart.

With over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and deployment of interior and exterior digital displays and advanced digital display technologies, Trueform have successfully delivered over 50,000 units to premium retail, leisure and transportation locations throughout the World.

Jonathan Morley, CEO, Trueform Digital, commented: “This was a significantly important win for us. It provides a premium showcase of our capabilities in the digital retail signage market and a huge endorsement of Trueform Digital’s expertise”.

New York SBS totems

Jan, 2018

Due to our extensive and multi-award winning work with our customers Trueform was awarded the Walk NYC wayfinding project that included 170 double sided Digital SBS Totems for the New York City Department of Transport (DoT) over a 3 year period.

All our work was carried out at our New York offices, which allowed us to work closely with our customers in New York to provide them with the bespoke service that they needed.

We had a lot of challenges when working with such a large transport network. The totems are designed to operate through the heat of the New York summer and sub-zero temperatures of the New York winter.

Peterborough Digital Wayfinding Totems

Jan, 2018

The Legible Peterborough wayfinding signs were successfully unveiled with excellent response from members of the public who were really pleased and impressed with the look, information and usability of the wayfinding infrastructure.

Peterborough City Council wanted to enhance key routes in and around the city centre and linking public transport interchanges for their residents and visitors making it user friendly and easier to find the quickest routes. It was important for the signs to be designed in keeping with the traditional and historic surroundings of Peterborough.

London Interactive Totems

Jan, 2018

Trueform’s wayfinding signage system offers an array of features including modulisation and robustness, as well as further choice between lit and solar powered options. The way in which each unique signage system displays navigational information is varied with a range of methods in which the systems can display information. Our wayfinding signage systems are compatible with new potential communications technology, allowing future improvements. These interactive units feature a high brightness 42” TFT LCD panel with transflective properties and has a touch screen interface.

Cycle totem counters

Jan, 2018

Our smart cycle digital information kiosks feature the very latest low-power LED technology and, when linked to piezo-electric sensor systems, provide real-time updates of cycling and walking usage. The kiosks displays information in the form of daily and cumulative counts of cyclists and pedestrians, a smart way to promote other forms of travelling in cities and to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Digital information kiosks help to promote active travel leading to an increase in cycling and walking catchment of an urban area. This has benefits in terms of safety, as even greater numbers of people travel without their vehicles. It can also aid the local economy, as those who were previously put off by congestion or the lack of a vehicle are encouraged to travel into an urban area from farther afield.

Solar Power Technology Totem ‘Teto’

Jan, 2018

Trueform was appointed by Future Cities Catapult as a suitably experienced and capable supplier, to design, manufacture and install a technology totem ‘Teto’. The technology totem ‘Teto’ is a mobile lab, it contains a selection of sensing hardware, an e-paper 32’’ display and facility to harness renewable energy in the form of solar. The totem measures the environments, and engages with the public via dynamic on-screen content through wireless connectivity.

The first totem was installed in London and the second totem in Birmingham, built on a redundant loading bay within a parklet creating green urban environment.

The 6 month trial of ‘Teto’ is to monitor footfall, dwell time and how technology can be used to improve business. The area was monitored before parklet was installed and will be monitored during the trial to see how people react to the new open space. The sensoring equipment built into the totem includes thermal imagery, air pollution, pedestrian & cycle counting, vibration levels, proximity sensor, voice activation and interacts with the public to offer an insight into the past, present and future of the surrounding area, giving them the option to vote for future plans within the city.

The opening of the parklet took place on 5th October and was well attended and generated a lot of interest from members of the public and was also featured on BBC midlands news

Waltham Forest Digital Cycle Counters

Jan, 2018

Trueform developed a Smart Cycle Counters which was part of mini-Holland project with four cycle counters being installed in Waltham Forest with the option to roll out and connect with other smart city devices across London.

The smart digital information kiosks feature the very latest high definition TFT displays and, when linked to piezo-electric sensor systems, provide real-time updates of cycling and walking usage. The kiosks displays information in the form of daily and cumulative counts of cyclists and pedestrians, a smart way to promote other forms of travelling in cities and to encourage a healthier lifestyle.


Stansted Airport

Jan, 2018

This contract involved the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and testing of bespoke products within Stansted Airport. All installation took place airside in the international departure lounge, therefore Trueform are fully familiar with:

  • Operating in a live airport environment, and the associated health & safety, access and logistics requirements
  • Providing specialist access equipment to carry out the tasks (e.g. MEWP)
  • The processes and criteria for obtaining airside passes
  • Complying with all airport security measures

Among the items installed at Stansted Airport were the following:

  • Flight Information Displays (FIDS)
  • Trolley Rails
  • Aero Foil Bulkheads
  • Shop Front Windows
  • Advertising Displays / Lighting Posts / Benches

Heathrow Airport – Monoliths

Jan, 2018

Available in a range of bespoke sizes and configurations, these elegantly designed freestanding monolith units have been specifically designed for high profile displays to inform passengers of flight and facilities information.

Trueform was responsible for the full product design, manufacture and installation of the product range of innovative signage structures for Heathrow’s Terminal 3.

The monolith units are manufactured using architectural metalwork, laminated toughened glass, powder coated aluminium panels with cut out stencilled sides and LED illumination.

Monolith Features include:

  • Real time flight information
  • Time to gate information
  • Retail and terminal facility mapping
  • Literature holder

Heathrow Airport – FIDS

Jan, 2018

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, these elegantly designed FID units have been specifically designed for high profile display of flight information, arrival and departures. Utilising Trueform’s combined design, fabrication and engineering expertise with the electronic display engineering and cooling expertise, made this highly complex yet elegant design a practical reality.

London Advertising Shelters

Jan, 2018

On the back of Trueform successful workig relationship with TfL, Trueform were engaged by JCDecaux to a provide a full end to end installation service for in excess of 650 digital 6 sheet advertising displays across London. Thanks to Trueforms capabilities and expertise in the installation of on-street assets, we were the obvious choice to undertake this highly prestigious project, which is the largest digital rollout ever undertaken.

The majority of the installations took place in extremely high profile, busy and challenging environments across central London. The installations presented numerous logistical and perational challenges, all of which were overcome thanks to Trueform’s highly experienced management efficient processes and attention to detail.

Bus Information Totems

Jan, 2018

Trueform has been working with LBSL’s Technical Services Group on the development of its corporate TFT totem product range, and has now completed the first installation at Vauxhall Bus Station.

The totem installed at Vauxhall is a 42” portrait, sunlight readable, high brightness TFT product with 3G communications. LBSL’s newly developed Digital Sign bus information content was installed, driven by Countdown 2 – an earlier project where Trueform has supplied, installed and maintains over 1,400 LED bus shelter displays.

These information totems have now been deployed throughout Londons bus interchange network.